Activities at the Lodge

We do not give you just rooms to stay. We give you an environment so you can
experience the best while on a holiday with us.


In the frame of the works of an estancia, Los Patos offers many of the activities developed in the argentine countryside depending on the season of the year and the weather changes.

In the estancia, guests will also have the possibility of playing knucklebones (taba), crocket, sapo, cards, or bowls. In hot days they can use the swimming pool and sunbathe.

At your arrival, empanadas, wine, and soda drinks will not fail.
At noon a criollo-styled barbecue will be served with different salads and native desserts, accompanied by Argentine folklorical tunes and melodies.

After the afternoon activities, tea, coffee, soda drinks will be served together with home cakes baked by our chef.

Horse Rides

We probably are right when we say that one of the loveliest things you can experience in life is to go out riding in an estancia. That’s why we have organized horserides in the ranch, it’s the best experience we can offer our guests.

Those who come and visit us want to ride on horseback or be driven in a horse carriage. We have selected our horses very carefully and you will feel good and trust your horse in a very sort time. You will enjoy during the whole ride. In that way we have a different view of what happens in a working estancia as ours. A simple way of life linked with nature and the leisure you deserve.

Come and ride with us. We have a life time organizing horse rides!

Estancia Los Patos

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