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Guests Comments

From Angela and Bobby Power - 7 March -12 March 2008

Oh! What a wonderful time you gave us as we spent all these clear sunny days with you. From dawn till dusk, such a spoiling! Stick and balling with Angel on such beautiful horses…fun tennis!...Successful shooting up to our ears in sunflowers! Such delicious mealtimes…fish freshly caught… pigeon hors d´oeuvres (just shot!)… fantastic asados.. and specially the stories and “histories” told by Angel, Lili and Silvina of gauchos; life in the pampas;.. polo; and so much more!

As we leave, we take with us very special memories that will never be forgotten, and we promise we shall return!!
Thank you, thank you for every beautiful moment

From Don Atkins

Los Patos Estancia:
Muchísimas gracias por todo. I never thought I would be herding cattle with gauchos in my entire life. And the fact that I got to do with such nice people was glorious. Thank you an infinite amount for everything, Los Patos is one of the most amazing places I have seen. I will never forget this experience an I hope I get to do it again sooner or later. Please inform Adolfito that I will be practicing polo - that I can one day show him my skills. I have a long way to go but I will get there! Best wishes in all that you will do and I hope we can be in touch in the future.

From Ben Hughes - Dec 07/ Jan 08

Quite simply the time of my life- I will be back for sure.

From Susan Graf and Robyn Ridder CA

To our dear host, Angel, and the truly gracious Silvina. We both so much enjoyed living (however briefly) a true Argentine Estancia Lifestyle. Your attentive staff, adorable pets, and gorgeous horses made our stay a memorable one. Being able to swing a polo mallet and actually hit the ball was thrilling, one cannot imagine doing that at a full gallop!!

We would love to return to this paradise “Los Patos”